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In July 2023, Salvador Loreto donated a portrait of the late Don Dunstan AC, QC, former Premier of South Australia to the Adelaide Festival Centre to mark its 50th anniversary. Called simply “DON”, this portrait honours a man who contributed so much to the arts in South Australia.

Painted from life over multiple sittings, this is the final known portrait of the late Premier painted only a year before his untimely passing in 1999.  It was Don Dunstan’s vision and advocacy that raised the funds needed to build the Adelaide Festival Centre. His fundraising efforts exceeded their target in a week and the additional funds began the world-class Works of Art Collection – that this painting now becomes part of.

The portrait is currently on display in Dunstan Playhouse Foyer.

Loreto with Douglas Gautier, CEO and Artistic Director AFC.

Photos by Cassie Eckermann.


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